Attending to the needs of the market, Agecom has a production and programming system designed to respond to the specific needs of each company.

We have been introduced for years in multiple industrial sectors and that is precisely what enables us to meet the needs that the market demands, thus being able to offer our customers the best quality, price and service.

At Agecom we manufacture Springs, Springs, Formed Rods, Rods with threads, Turning on automatic lathes, multi-spindles and C.N.C.

  • SPRINGS: They are manufactured in torsion, compression, or traction in automatic machines. Available in wires from 0.4 mm to 17 mm, for small or large series.
  • SPRINGS: Made by hand in 18 to 32 mm threads, such as docks for mooring boats.
  • RODS: Forming pieces of wire or spiral strapping, in all its forms and of different diameters, with or without threads, in transfer machines and in press, up to 3 mm.
  • CLAMPS: For elevator and forklift cabs to replace the Espadín.
  • DECOLETING-MACHINING: Automatic lathes, multi-spindles, cylindrical, revolving, transfer, vertical and horizontal threading, rolling threading and Lathes C.N.C.
  • FITTINGS: For diesel, low pressure, for brakes, unions for accelerator tubes and ball joints, plug type couplings for brakes.

The queries made will be answered according to blueprints, samples, or indications provided by the applicants.


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